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Concert Buddies

A New Simple Way To Meet New Concert Buddies

A New Simple Way To Meet New Concert Buddies

As summer is slowly approaching, so is the excitement for its diverse events under the open sky. Finally, you can mark the dates on your calendar and start planning out all the numerous live concerts and awesome, weekend long festivals. Hot weather, ice-cold beer, and live performance is the equation for an exceptional summer. Nothing better than dancing your worries away while the sun slowly goes down or finally singing your favorite songs hyped at your favorite performer`s concert. Something that will stick with you forever, memories that last a lifetime.

But what do you do when all that euphoria goes away in an instant when you find out that your best friend or partner can`t come with you? Or you might have moved to another country or city and you haven’t made any friends yet? Or maybe, unfortunately, your friend has moved to another city? Sometimes the busy and hectic life that we are living can prevent your loved ones from coming to the events you have planned.

Don’t despair, there is a solution to everything. They say that the type of music that a person is listening to, makes a huge part of who they are as a person. So knowing this, it is almost impossible not to find someone to go to a concert with and agree with them too. See, no time to panic! Now more than ever, there is more than one way to find your “concert/festival soulmate”.  Hundreds of thousands of people are going to the same concert too, you have the option of making new friends there… but that can be daunting.

What if we told you that there is even a better way? A more practical way? A way that will let you meet a Gig Buddy from the comfort and safety of your own home. Amazing, right?

There are many different websites and apps that allow you to keep upto date with your existing friends and families. There are also websites to help you in the search for love. However what is lacking is a way to find like minded music fans, find each other to share in the enjoyment of live music events together. Concert Buddies allows you to connect with people that are inspired and driven by the same, bands/ genre of music as you are. We list a wide variety of events that are upcoming and allow you to let others know you are going – when others are attending the same event you will be notified and able to chat together and meet-up at a designated place so you can go to the concert together. Perhaps making new lifelong friendships based on your love of music, who knows. You can chat with concert goers as a group, making the overall experience fun and unforgettable or you if you identify with one person in particular you can chat one to one making the event more personal with more bonding-time one on one.

Such a simple idea yet super-practical, we hope you agree. It allows us to step with ease into the summer days and visit all of the long eagerly awaited live concerts nevertheless of whether you have company or not. Being open to meeting new people is crucial in life so is being open to new adventures.

So buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

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