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Concert Buddies is all about meeting new people who love music, in particular, live music. Perhaps you haven’t had chance to meet up with anyone yet, perhaps you already have a group of concert buddies and are looking for others to hang out with. Whatever your status, you are always welcome to attend one of our meet ups!

What to expect?

First and foremost, our meetups are informal events based in major cities throughout the UK. They usual take place at a pub or bar and attendance can be anything from a small gathering (5 or so) up to a large party (35 or more).

Its a relaxed place for like minded people to hang out, share stories, or just sit and enjoy the company of others. There are no charges, there will be no restrictions on attire – all you need is your unique self.

Each MeetUp will have a Concert Buddies rep, and by this we mean someone else who lives in the area and who loves live music. The reason for this is to monitor the meetups, ensure they are safe and friendly environments and enforce a zero discrimination tolerance. We’re here for the love of music.

Next meetups will be listed below.

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